Newsletter of the Sanctuary

MONTSERRAT, BULLETIN OF THE SANCTUARY is the continuation of the publication with that name started in 1927 and was estroncada 1936. In January 1982, they started the second time today, after last year would have celebrated the centenary of the proclamation of the Virgin of Montserrat as a patron saint of Catalonia.

The newsletter of Santu is a publication which aims to facilitate the bonds of communion with the whole reality of Montserrat.

• A stimulus sentir' get united in faith and prayer with the monks and pilgrims, and living devotion to the Virgin spirit cristià.entit your visits to Montserrat, personal family or parish, in the spirit of a pilgrim and evangelical commitment.

• We provide full information on the life and activities of various aspects of Montserrat: The Sanctuary, Monastery, the choir, art and history, the mountain, visitors ...

• A bond of shared responsibility with the actions that lead to Montserrat out to meet visitors, to improve the facilities of the site, to collaborate in welfare projects. Action that can be directly or Through the Foundation Abadia de Montserrat 2025 . The subscription to THE BULLETIN SANCTUARY may be a way to help them. For that reason aqueta quotas Subscription adapt to the possibilities of each.

In his usual performances this Gazette, profusely illustrated, echoes of life in Montserrat:

  • • Faith and Life
  • • Pastoral Sanctuary
  • • Chronicle - The Montserrat all
  • • Escolania
  • • Foundation Abadia Montserrat 2025
  • • Friends of Montserrat
  • • Please Santa Maria (prayers of pilgrims)
  • • Notes of Art and History
  • • The Mountain - Nature - Data Reports

This newsletter is published every four months.

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