Pastoral Coordination Centre

The missions of the Pastoral coordination centre is to look after the needs of the people who go to Montserrat for religious motives. The pilgrims will find a team of monks, employees and volunteers waiting to help them in the PCC.

To contact the PCC, either an e-mail (open the email program) or call to +34 93 877 77 66.

Religious Services.

Activities in the Sanctuary

You can part in the Eucharist celebration and the monks' prayers inside the Basilica. You can also receive the sacramentof reconciliation.
The pilgrims usually take part in the traditional activities in the Sanctuary's squares: dances,parades with giant figures, sardanas (typical Catalan dance), castellers (human towers)...

Places of workship

Most of the services are held at the High Altar. The Chapel of the Lord and The Chapel of the Image of the Mother of God are spaces available for private prayer.

Private Masses and services and celebrations

If you would like the community of monks to pray for a particular reason, or if would like to ask for a private service, please contact the Pastoral Care Center.

Confessions from Monday to Friday: from 10.45 to 13.00.
Saturdays: from 10.30 to 13.00 and from 19.30 to 20.00.
Sundays:from 08.00 13.00; from 17.45 to 18.15; from 19.30 to 20.00


All couples who wish to marry in Montserrat should contact the Pastoral Coordination Centrel.

Premarriage courses

The Pastoral Coordination Centre encourages engages couples to take the Marriage Preparation Course, which is essential in order to get married in Montserrat. This guidance follows the criteria of the MPC movement.

Married Couples

The Pastoral coordination Centre organises get-togethers for married couples so that they can stregth and consolidate the experience of living as a couple..

Young People

There is a specific pastoral group for young people over 18 years old "Young People's Days for reflection ". Periodically organize weekenddays for a young people over 14 to 17 years old , Young Montserrat.