Greeting by the Abbot

Abbot of Montserrat

Welcome to the Montserrat's website. In name of the community of monks, of the choirboys, the Shrine's staff and all those who make possible the welcome of pilgrims, I wish you the peace of Christ, and hope that this virtual visit will become, one day, a real pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain.
Montserrat is an almost thousand-year-old Benedictine monastery that shelters a shrine to the Mothers of God. The spiritual presence of Saint Mary and the continuation of the Gospel according to the Rule of Saint Benedict determine, in a special, significative way, life in Montserrat.
The activities shown in this site spring out of this basic core. Firstly, the Monastery and Shrine. Monastic life and the pilgrims' itinerary of faith. Work, prayer, the spiritual reading, the welcome of pilgrims, community life, the yearnings and hopes of those who climb up here, the joy and celebration. Secondly, the various expressions of culture, filled with the faith in Jesus: the music and singing of the Choirboys - Escolania - during liturgical celebrations, painting, sculpture, the edition of books, the study of philosophy, theology, human science, handicraft...
Finally, the natural environment that houses Montserrat, which becomes "God's Work" under the light of biblical faith, the concrete expression of the beauty of creation, which takes us near the mystery of God while elevating the spirit.
Thank you for your visit, may the joy and peace of God be always with you.

+ Josep M. Soler
Abbot of Montserrat


Bell tower

Bell tower

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