The Montserrat Foundation

The Montserrat Foundation, 2025 was established on July 4 1997. It is the instrument that puts us in the twenty-first century because the hands generations of today and tomorrow we can continue to have an institution like Montserrat, a desire for people to help maintain and promote the values spiritual and cultural services to a cohesive society, sensitive to the roots and open to the world, and safeguarding creation.

It is fair to ask whether the monks of Montserrat do not even have enough resources own to carry out this mission and this group. It When, therefore, to inform our people of the harsh reality from the point of economically, which has raised Montserrat decades. Montserrat gets of catering services and trading - well known by everyone - resources enough to keep, but to renew itself and prepare itself to face future. In 2007, Montserrat was given, according to the Government over 2.2 million visitors, one of the most visited of Catalonia. this huge traffic and the complexity of Montserrat, ask about public subsidies which, however, given the financial situation of government, each arriving time in less quantity and more difficult.

The economic source that should help maintain and renew collective heritage Montserrat, therefore, must be precisely the same group we are as a people. It has always been through this help that Montserrat has been used in areas that are themselves, and this grant is especially Could it be renovating and restoring the good of pilgrims and visitors.

Montserrat needs today, again, the generous response of society Catalan civil order to be prepared to face the challenges of the new century. It serves as the convening power that has always been evident and, with naturally, their situation. Aware that everything has been given and that all we provide.

The Montserrat Foundation, 2025, therefore, has the dual purpose: Allocate the funds raised for the restoration of the sanctuary, where they are offered pilgrims and visitors to those values so cherished by Montserrat, collaborated with some of these funds in social work and aid to more needs to which our people is especially sensitive.

This project is a challenge for the Catalan civil society: it depends institutions of Catalonia, as in the case of Montserrat, have continued fruitful and renewed during the twenty-first century.

AGBAR tower - Barcelona. 4.07.07

AGBAR tower - Barcelona. 4.07.07